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How to Choose the Right Pins for Your Requirements2017-09-02
 The pin must perform its required function. Economic factors only come into play in choosing the pin that meets the technical needs of the particular application. Every application is individual...
Expansion Bolts Used for Specific Purpose2017-07-03
 An expansion bolt consists of a sleeve, a bolt and nut. The sleeve expands when the bolt is tightened. Expansion bolts are typically used to install items into concrete, masonry, rock, bric...
Screws for Plastic2016-06-12
Do you know how many types screws can be used for plastic? As I know there are 5 types. 1.Type AB or B thread tapping screws. 2. Hi-Lo Thread Tapping Screws. 3. Type 25 Thread Cutting Screws...
Screws Point Type2016-05-28
 Here are listed 6 screws point type. Per type have its own usage for.                              Type 17 ...
H&S Sales, Inc. Acqires Nuts&Bolts Products2016-03-11
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