About Cage Nut

About cage nut

What is cage nut?

You may not be unfamiliar with nuts and bolts, because we often see them in our daily life, but you may not know about cage nuts. What kind of nuts are they?The cage nut is a kind of nut which can be freely stored in the interior of the housing body, which is welded to the car body. Cage nuts are also called square hole cage nuts and some people call them floating nuts.

The shape of cage nut:A square nut in four squares, with holes in it and threaded in the teeth.

Function of cage nut:With high strength screw fastening function, it can be put into the square hole which has been drilled in advance with special tool, and then it can be fixed on the metal or other plate by pulling back the tool, which can be installed quickly and conveniently. It can be disassembled and repositioned, and can also be fixed by tilting.

Common material of cage nut case:Shell material is 65Mn (CN) stainless steel (CNS), nut material is medium carbon steel, surface treatment color: blue and white zinc, color zinc, bright nickel, for customers to choose.

Installation method of cage nut:Cage nut installation is actually relatively simple, as long as press in, using the two sides of the clamp fixed on the plate.
The first installation method: First, check whether there is a fixed iron plate on the mounting hole of the car license plate. If there is, it is relatively simple. The installation steps are as follows:
1. Put the small bowl-shaped thing on the screw, "bowl mouth" outward (toward yourself), then put on the gasket, fix the license plate on the bumper, screw in. Finally, press the nut on the bowl.
2. If there is no fixed iron sheet on the mounting hole of the license plate, the cage nut shall be used.
The second installation method: In the first step, place one of the fasteners of the cage nut on the mounting plate at the side of the square hole; Then take the retractor, pass the operating part of the retractor through the square hole, and then pass the other clamping pin of the cage nut through the square hole and connect it to the mounting plate on the other side of the square hole. Finally, remove the retractor and install the cage nut.

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