Basic classification of Flange bolts

Basic classification of flange bolts

Flange face bolt is a common fastener, flange face bolt is widely used in highway and railway Bridges, including industrial and civil construction, cranes, excavators and other heavy machinery, the scope of application is very wide. Today, the basic classification of flange face bolts is briefly introduced in the Chinese standard parts network.

Basic classification of Flange bolts:

1. The hexagon head screw with hole bolt will make a pin hole on the screw bolt. Metal wire can be used to pass through the hole, which is helpful for easier fastening, mechanical relaxation, and reliable loosening prevention.

2. Hexagonal head reamed hole bolts, with reamed hole bolts can better fix the mutual positions of the linked parts, and can withstand the shear and extrusion generated in the transverse direction.

3. Cross groove concave hexagon head bolts, easy to install and tighten, mainly used for light industry, instruments and meters with small load.

4. Square head bolt, the size of the head, the bearing surface of the bolt is large, easy to wrench its head, tighten the way is very convenient, or rely on other parts start and stop.

5. Countersunk head bolt square neck, has the anti-rotation function, is often used to connect parts surface requirements of flat or smooth occasions.T-groove free fruit pin, suitable for use when bolts can only be connected from one side of a connected part. After inserting the bolt from the T-slot, turn it 90 degrees to keep the bolt from coming out. It can also be used in situations where compact structure is required.

7. Anchor bolts are specially designed for embedded concrete foundations, which are used for fixing the base of machines and equipment. They are mainly used in places that need to be disconnected frequently and on fixtures.

8. Rigid frame bolts, ball joints with high strength bolts, high strength, mainly used for highway and railway Bridges, industrial and civil buildings, towers, cranes.

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