Basic Knowledge of Electroplating

Basic knowledge of electroplating
Electroplating is an electrolytic process. The metal sheet that provides the coating metal acts like an anode. The electrolyte is usually an ionic solution coated with metal. The object to be plated acts like a cathode. After a voltage is input between the anode and the cathode, it attracts the metal in the electrolyte. The ions swim to the cathode, where they are plated after reduction. At the same time, the anode metal is re-dissolved, providing more metal ions in the electrolyte. In some cases, insoluble anodes are used, and a new group of electrolyte needs to be added during electroplating to supplement the plating of metal ions.
Generally refers to the electrolytic reduction reaction to deposit a film on an object.
The currently used types are:
General plating method (electroplating), composite plating (composite plating), alloy plating (alloy plating), partial plating (selected plating), pen plating (pen plating), etc.
Because the electroplated surface has protective and decorative effects, it is widely used. There are also a small number of electroplating that provide other characteristics, such as high conductivity, high light reflectivity, or reduced toxicity.
The most commonly used plating metals are nickel, chromium, tin, copper, silver and gold. Electroplating technology is currently about 70 kinds of metals that can be electroplated, and about 15 kinds of alloy plating.
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