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If you have a large demand for fasteners, it is always right to find an excellent manufacturer in China. Chinese fastener manufacturers have many advantages, such as price, quality, delivery speed, etc., all have very big advantages. If you are looking for a fastener manufacturer, then I suggest you read this article. Next, I will take you to know 10 top fastener manufacturers in China.

1. Shanghai Biaowu (Pmc) High Tensile Fastener Co.,Ltd

Main products:flange nylon insert lock nuts,square head bolts,guardrail bolts, Hex Nuts,Hex Thin Nuts, Nylon Lock Nuts

Address:15 FL,600 Hengfeng Road


Company Profile

Shanghai Biaowu High-Strength Fasteners Co., Ltd. was established in 1980 and has an export processing center of 83,000 square meters, including cold forming plants, heat treatment plants, electroplating plants, packaging centers, inspection centers and distribution logistics centers. Has now developed into China's largest fastener manufacturer and exporter.


2. Ningbo Oukailuo Hardware Co., Ltd

Main products: Our company can provide various series of fasteners, including self-tapping screws, machine screws, chipboard screws, wood screws, self-drilling screws, nuts, washers, bolts, clamps and other customized fasteners.

Address:No.26 Zhijiang Road, Lanjiang Street, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, China 315400

Phone:86 13605747049

Fax:+86 574 62518806-808


Company Profile

Established in 1999, Ningbo Oukaeluo Hardware Co., Ltd. has always been a leading fastener manufacturer and supplier of fasteners with a history of products and services. As a professional and comprehensive fastener manufacturer, Oukeluo integrates scientific research, production and sales. Enjoy a full set of advanced production equipment and quality inspection system. We adhere to the principle of "quality and integrity are the lifeblood of business survival and development", and wholeheartedly provide you with the best fasteners, the most favorable price, the fastest delivery date and the best service. We sincerely hope to be your reliable supplier and partner.


3. Leda Metal Co., Ltd.

Main products:It is specializing in the production of washers (stoppers, snap rings, cushion rings ) spring fasten articles, assembled screws and multi-functional screws.circlips,SEMS screws

Address:Tianxin Distict,Tangxia,Dongguan,P.R.China



Company Profile

Leda Metal Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 and is located in Tianxin Administrative District, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City. Specializing in the production of washer (stopper, snap ring, buffer ring) spring fasteners, assembly screws and multifunctional screws. Leda Metals has introduced decades of fastener manufacturing experience and strong R&D capabilities from Taiwan, combined with advanced management in the Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and built its own working system with advanced machinery and peripheral equipment. All products comply with JIS, ANSI, DIN and other international standards and industrial requirements.


4. Zhejiang Minmetals Huitong Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Main products:hex nuts,square nut,hex head bolt,carriage bolt,roofing screws,plain washers,spring washers,machine screws,self-tapping screws, fastener
bolts, nuts, hardened washers, Spring Lockwashers, self drilling screws, tapping screw, brass wood screw, brass machine screw

Address:Rm1001, No.310, Zhongshan Beilu, Hangzhou, China



Company Profile

Zhejiang Minmetals Huitong Import & Export Co., Ltd. was founded in 1980 and is a provincial-level foreign trade enterprise. He is an executive director of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Metals, Minerals and Chemicals and China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products. It is one of the few enterprises approved by the government to specialize in the import of chemical products such as steel, coal, polyester, etc. It is also one of the largest metal products export enterprises in Zhejiang Province. It ranks among the best among the export enterprises of mechanical and electrical products in the country and among the export enterprises of metal mineral products. Its "CK" brand has become one of the most famous trademarks in China.


5. Yuyao Xintai Hardware Co., Ltd.

Main products:Wedge Anchors, Through Bolts, Tie Wire Anchors, Heavy Duty Anchors, Sleeve Anchors, Metal Frame Anchors, Drop In Anchors, Ceiling Anchors, Zinc Alloy Hammer Drive Anchors, Zinc Alloy Easy Drive Anchors, Hollow Wall Anchors, Many Kinds of Plastic Anchors, such as Nylon Hammer Drive Anchors, Fish Like Anchors, Easy Drive Anchors

Address: Huangjiabu town, Yuyao city, Zhejiang province, China

Phone: 0086-189 6782 6379


Company Profile

Yuyao Xintai Hardware Co., Ltd. is a professional fastener manufacturer of various anchors, high-strength fasteners and non-standard hardware. We have the right to import and export by ourselves. Located in Huangjiabu Town, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, China, adjacent to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo. Our products are sold to the United States, Europe and Australia. Recently, our annual sales have increased by about 20% every year. And has entered the top ten in the same industry in China.


6. Dongguan Ansheng Hardware Machinery Co.,Ltd/ Biing Feng Machinery

Main products:High Speed Nut,Roller,Rivet,Socket,Rivet Nu

Address:No. 38, Shengping Middle Road, Dalang Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China


Company Profile

Dongguan Ansheng Hardware Machinery Co.,Ltd is a Sino-Taiwan joint venture hardware machinery company. Mainly distribute new automatic lathes, computer numerical control lathes, hardware spare parts and accessories, peripheral equipment, iron-free, stainless steel-free and secondary automatic machine tools, etc. An Sheng Hardware Factory is mainly engaged in mechanical maintenance, after-sales service and hardware product processing


7. Jingjiang Hengfeng Rivet Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Main products: Open End Blind Rivets, Closed End Blind Rivets, Multi-grip Rivets, Henglock Rivets,Tri-fold rivets,high strength blind rivets

Address: No.2 South Gushan Road Jingjiang,Jiangsu,China

Phone: 86-523-84553022

Fax: 86-523-84567222



Company Profile

Established in 1994, it is a professional fastener manufacturer and exporter of blind rivets. Over the years, we rely on industry-leading technology and equipment, advanced testing instruments, and strictly follow the ISO/TS16949:2002 automotive quality management system to meet the needs of different customers. . Rivets are produced according to standards such as GB, DIN, IFI and ISO. The products sell well in Europe, America, Japan, etc.


8. Yuyao Yuxin Fastener Systems Co., Ltd.

Main products: Sleeve anchor, wedge anchor, drop in anchor, chemical anchor, hex coupling nut, round coupling, spring toggle, gravity toggle, shield anchor, tire wire anchor, nylon hammer drive anchor, nylon easy anchor, and other Anchors & Nonstandard fasteners & stamping products.

Address: Nanmiao,Lizhou town,Yuyao city,Ningbo China

Phone: +86-574-62938700


Company Profile

Yuyao Yuxin Fastener Systems Co., Ltd. has been committed to expanding professional products and quality services in the field of anchoring and fasteners. High-quality products, timely delivery and competitive prices provide customers with advantages and are also the cornerstone of opening up the market. The company is committed to service and product innovation and has won praise from customers. In the European, American and Asian markets, we develop new products and new services to satisfy and satisfy customers. It has ISO 9001 certificate (TUV), implements 5S management system, and realizes "stable quality, technological innovation, continuous improvement of customer satisfaction, and feedback to customers after independence".


9. Ningbo Zhonghai Fastener Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Main products: Tooth stick, external hex bolts, hex nuts, Tooth strip

Address: Ningbo City Zhenhai District Jiulonghu Town Xihe villages

Phone: +86 13757415965


Company Profile

Ningbo Zhonghai Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Jiulonghu Industrial Zone, Zhenhai District, Ningbo City, China. The construction area of the plant is about 6,500 square meters, and the transportation in the factory area is convenient. The factory was established in 2004 and we are specialized in the production of nuts. The quality complies with national standards, industry standards, ISO, DIN, ANSI (IFI), BS, JIS, etc. We can also produce according to customer's standards. Products are widely used in metallurgy, machinery, chemical, electronic equipment, shipbuilding, aviation and other industries, and have been recognized by customers.


10. Shanghai Shangdian Washer Co., Ltd.

Main products: kinds of washers (flat washer, spring washer, square taper washer, high-strength washer, wave spring washer, spring lock washer, square hole washer, conical spring washer, serrated lock washer, lock washer external teeth, round washer, and plastic washer), stamping parts and elastic components.

Address: No 21, Zhujing Town, Shangyuan Street, Jinshan District

Phone: 86-021-57317386

Fax: 0086-21-57321201



Company Profile

Shanghai Shangdian Washer Co., Ltd. (formerly Shanghai Washer Factory) was established in the early 1960s. It is a professional fastener manufacturer of various washers and stamping parts.

In the past 40 years, Shanghai Shangdian Washing Machine has accumulated a wealth of expertise in washing machine manufacturing. Equipped with the latest technological manufacturing equipment and skilled workers. Has successfully expanded the production capacity to 5,000 tons per year washing machine, and ensured the quality.



Finding an excellent and suitable fastener manufacturer is not easy. I hope you will learn about these excellent hardware fastener brands after reading our article, and compare them to find your own suitable supplier.

If you are looking for a fastener manufacturer, you can contact us. We will serve you wholeheartedly and provide the best products.

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