Introduction to the correct use and type of furniture self tapping screw

Introduction to the correct use and type of furniture self tapping screw

Furniture self-tapping screw, as the name suggests, is their own screw screw compared with the ordinary screw screw, self-tapping screw has a bit, and can furniture self-tapping screw, and can be tightened in the case of no screw hole at the same time, self-tapping it is mainly used for some thin plate edge connection and fixed self-tapping screw what are the characteristics?Let's have a look.

What are the characteristics of self tapping screw?

1.Strong corrosion resistance.

Self-tapping screw itself has a strong corrosion resistance, plus its rubber seal ring, so that whether the screw is exposed to the outside, or the relatively wet environment, can make the screw airtight, no rust.
Self tapping screw also known as wood screw, suitable for wood materials, plus the screw is small, and manual operation, so the use of scope will be relatively narrow.

2. Simple Operation

Tapping screws hold taps and bolts together, which are very practical, especially in soft materials, and can be tightened directly through drilling. Of course, if the diameter of the screw is small, the wood material is soft. You can screw without punching.

3. Strong self-drilling ability

Self - tapping thread and thread diameter series, thread number and thread length determine its quality. The screw diameters on the market are divided into 10 and 12 grades, with corresponding diameters of 4.87mm and 5.43mm. The number of threads is 14, 16, 24 three, to have the ability to drill the screw, the recommendation to buy more threads.

How to install self-tapping screw?

1. If the installation quantity is small, a simple method can be adopted, namely to add nuts to the corresponding specification of the bolt. Fix the tapping sleeve on the corresponding screw, fix it with the same nut, screw the socket into the bottom hole with a wrench, and then take out the screw.

2.If the number of installation is large, it is recommended to use special installation tools, such as hexagon head, tapping wrench, pneumatic tools, etc.

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