Is a stop screw a set screw? How to use stop screw?

Is a stop screw a set screw? How to use stop screw?

What is a stop screw? Common material of stop screw?

You may not be familiar with stop screws. In fact, it has a variety of names, from the shape of the function to name, both called machine screw, and called headless screw, also known as the fixing screw. It means set screw. It is a kind of screw used to fix the relative position of machine parts. According to the groove type, there can be inner hexagonal corner set screw, inner plum flower set screw, word groove set screw and square head set screw without groove type, etc. The optional material is stainless steel, iron, brass, aluminum, titanium and so on.

Characteristics of stop screw

A stop screw has a parallel first end face and a second end face. Between the first end face and the second end face, it has a thread segment, and radially extends two parallel groove walls at the first end toward the direction of the second end face. The two groove walls connect to each other and define a radial groove by the groove wall and the groove bottom. It is characterized in that the adjacent parts of the groove wall and the thread segment have a side adjacent bevel inclined from the thread segment to the groove wall, and the bottom of the groove and the adjacent parts of the thread segment also have a bottom adjacent bevel inclined toward the bottom of the groove.

The function and use of stop screw

Stop screw its positioning pin plays the same role, generally used to connect two parts to play a fixed role, and this kind of screw can be screwed in as a whole, so that the appearance of flat, more beautiful. To use a stop screw, first screw into the internal thread hole of the part to be fixed, and then press the end of the screw on the surface of another part (or the corresponding pit on the surface), even if the two parts are fixed in relative position. The usage scenarios of flat end, concave end and cone end are different, and the corresponding USES are also different. Slotted word, plum and hexagon socket setting screws are not suitable for use where exposure of screws is permitted. Square head fixing screws without slotted shape are suitable for use where exposure of screws is permitted.

Use of stop screw

Stop screw is often used in mining, metallurgy, textile, various precision machinery, precision instruments, instruments, electronic products, communications products, locks, toys and other industries! It is preferred to be used in the situation where the required equipment and parts are simple, easy to install, with double structure sealing device, can work in harsh environment. The structure has various forms, good versatility and interchangeability.
Stop pay screws should also be customized according to different application scenarios, like the usual hardware store basically do not meet the requirements. One end of it is hexagon, the other end also has several kinds of standard. Such as DIN916. DIN915. DIN914 DIN913. Stop screws are m1.6-M12 in size and 4mm-50mm in length. It can be divided into inner hexagon set screw with concave end, inner hexagon set screw with flat end, inner hexagon post end and inner hexagon cone end.

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