Nail Screw


Nail Screws are mostly paired with a plastic wall anchor used on drywalls. Nail Screws are commonly made with a counter sunk head.

This creates a smooth surface after the Nail Screws are fastened into the wall.

Nail Screws also have shank underneath the head to give the screw a smother drive in experience.


The key element of the Nail Screw is the umbrella thread. The umbrella thread is not as sharp or as deep as the normal thread.

Umbrella Threads are like ice cream cones stacked on top of each other.

Because Nail Screws are mostly used a plastic wall anchor, their threads does not have to be as sharp but has to be resilient to stay in place.


This is where the cone shaped threads create a better hold when fasten in place.

The sharp tip of the Nail Screw allows a faster drive into the wall without as much resistant.


Usually Nail Screws are yellow zinc plated or zinc plated to better resist corrosion.


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