Opportunities and Future of Emerging Fastener Markets

Opportunities and Future of Emerging Fastener Markets

The United States and Europe are the first and second in China's fastener export market. Even today, this situation remains unchanged. However, due to friction between China and the United States, Chinese fastener exports to the United States fell by 20% in the first half of 2019. The downward trend will be more pronounced in the second half of 2019.

Fastener industry market analysis
Fasteners are the foundation of industrial development. The quality of fasteners seriously affects the quality of industrial products. It is not only industrial, but products in many industries are inseparable from fasteners, which is determined by its wide range of uses. Behind the construction of the behemoth, there are indispensable effects of small fasteners. Although it is only a small participant, it has a crucial influence. Because of the importance of its connection, consumers have added favor to the brand in the procurement.

The largest market in the global rugged parts market is the Asian market, followed by the North American and European markets. The demand for high-strength fasteners in these markets is arguably the largest in the world, and most of China's fasteners are also available to these three large markets.

At present, high-strength fasteners can be said to gradually show a slowly increasing trend. This phenomenon is not only found in Chinese fasteners but also fasteners all over the world. In the past few years, the development of high-strength fasteners in China has been quite rapid, but due to the impact of the economic crisis, there is also the tightening of the market, etc., and the growth rate has gradually declined.

We can use these three fastener markets as the main development targets, and then continue to develop high-strength fasteners globally, so that our high-strength fasteners gradually appear in every corner of the world. Only in this way, high strength The development of fasteners can perform better.

On the whole, the demand for the global fastener market is constantly expanding. The Asia Pacific is still the largest regional market
Future opportunities and development
Opportunities and Future of Emerging Fastener Markets
Southeast Asia is the market with the greatest demand. In the past few years, Southeast Asia has invested heavily in infrastructure, the same as China 20 years ago. Southeast Asia has a population of 600 million and is an important market in Asia.
Brazil relies heavily on imports of fasteners. It is an ideal country to sell fasteners.

Russia and Ukraine have a great demand for construction fasteners. This is also an opportunity for fastener companies. What we need to do is to control risk, exchange rate, and collection.

Africa should not be underestimated. Africa is an active participant and the beneficiary of the “Belt and Road” initiative. Also, many Chinese companies participate in African construction projects.

These emerging fastener markets are the major selling countries in the future.

In 2001, China joined the World Trade Organization. Promote the export of China's fastener products to the world. China's standard fastener products have always occupied this share in the world. Due to the high production costs abroad, the management costs of workers have increased. Leading to the procurement of products from the country to the developing countries. China has won orders in the global market with its low cost and high-quality advantages. From the current status quo, China's standard solid parts are still the world's preferred countries.
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