The forming and removing technology of fastener burr

The forming and removing technology of fastener burr

Fasteners, as common parts in daily life, are widely used. Quality plays a key role in the use of fasteners, among which burr will directly affect the quality of fasteners. What is the burr of fasteners? How do fastener burrs form? How do you get rid of this burr? We will  tell you about the relevant problems.

What is a fastener burr?

Although this little burr is not big, but it directly affects the quality of the product, making the original good quality products look like "defective". And the fastener burr refers to the very small microscopic metal particles on the surface of the fastener, which we call burr.

How do fastener burrs form?

Fasteners are formed during cutting, grinding, milling, and other similar chip processing.

Methods of removing the burr from fasteners:

In order to improve the performance and service life of fasteners, it is necessary to remove the burr of fasteners before using them. Fasteners are common parts of mechanical equipment, but also important parts, so the surface, sharp angles and edges need to achieve a high degree of metal cleanliness. The methods of removing burr mainly include: traditional mechanical process, grinding, polishing and other processes with different degrees of automation.
The chemical process can also be used to remove the burr from the fasteners so that the quality of the fasteners can be better guaranteed. The fasteners are all immersed in multiple containers, one of which contains the CULLYGRAT solution. Through the simple soaking treatment will be able to remove all the burr, make the workpiece surface smooth and smooth, smooth edges and corners, bring unprecedented high quality for users. Using CULLYGRAT for chemical deburring is not only environmentally friendly but also saves a lot of production and personnel costs.

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