Triangular tapping screw design standard

Triangular tapping screw design standard

Triangle self tapping screw is often used standard parts, for the construction personnel, it is necessary to understand the relevant knowledge of triangle self tapping screw design standards, including the technical parameters and characteristics of triangle self tapping screw.


I. The main terms and technical parameters of the TAPTITE
1. nominal diameter: screw design, production, inspection and other recognized diameter.
2. Pitch or number of teeth: the distance between two adjacent tips or the number of teeth per inch.
3. Round diameter: the maximum average outside diameter measured by the screw.
4. Triangle diameter: the average distance between the top part of the triangle and the opposite arc of the screw.
5. Bottom aperture: the original aperture of the screw hole before tapping.
6. nominal length: screw design, production, inspection and other recognized length.
7. Destructive torque: the minimum torque required for the screw to be twisted or broken.
8. Tensile strength: the minimum tension required for the axial plastic deformation or fracture of the screw.
9. Surface hardness: the average hardness measured on the flat surface head of the screw.
10. Core hardness: the average hardness measured at the position of the screw section about 1/2 radius from the center.
11. carburizing hardened layer depth: the screw after surface carburizing treatment hardened layer thickness.

II.  Features of the TAPTITE
1. Triangle self-tapping screw is an ideal thread forming screw to improve the reliability of screw locking and reduce the cost. Because the thread is triangular, the bottom hole tapping is conducted with triangular vertex for plastic processing, which can simultaneously tap and complete the locking operation.
2, in the screw lock pay work, the cost of the screw accounted for only about 15%, and tapping, other supporting parts and locking work accounted for about 85%, so from the relief of tapping, reduce the operation torque, prevent screw loose, improve the reliability of screw lock pay, reduce the cost of consideration, should be preferred to choose triangle self-tapping screw.

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