Flange Bolt

Flange Bolts are slightly different from the normal Hex Bolts. A Flange Bolt is simply a Hex Bolt with a wider surface at the bottom half of the head of the bolt. 


Similar to a washer, the Flange Bolt is able to be on its own without an additional washer to repel water when fastened.


Some Flange Bolts are designed with anti-rotational teeth under the washer part of the head.


This serration under the Flange Bolt will help fasten the bolt to the object and make it less likely to come loose.


Flange Bolts, like normal bolts, also require a nut to fasten it onto an object. Depending on the situation, Flange Bolts are usually paired with a Flange Nut.


As the name suggests, Flange Nut also has the anti-slip serration underneath the washer part of the head.


This combination of Flange Bolt and Flange Nut will ensure that both fasteners will not come loose of each other without external forces, such as a mechanical one.


One will also have to make sure the size, length, and width of the Flange Bolt is correct before fastening it to an object.

The length of the protruding end of the Flange Bolt should be able to leave two full threads after the nut has been fastened onto the Flange Bolt.

This ensures proper force to be secured on the Flange Bolt.

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