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Wood Screw Manufacturers in China

Welcome to our website! We are a well-known wood screw manufacturer and supplier in China. You can buy a lot of wood screws from us or we can customize various types of wood screws according to your requirements. Do you want to get free samples ? Please contact us immediately.

Wood screws have sharp crested, coarse, widely spaced threads . Being a thread-forming-type screw, they create their own mating threads during installation—no nut or tapped hole is needed. A gimlet point allows wood screws to start threading into wood easily : "A gimlet point is a threaded cone point usually having a point angle of 45 to 50 degrees." Threading is standard right-hand, so turn the screw clockwise to install.


Wood screws are used to fasten wood to wood or attach objects to wood and offer a pleasing, finished appearance. They pull wood pieces together as they are tightened, which can make clamping unnecessary, and can be removed more easily than nails so entire assemblies can be dismantled or fixtures dismounted with relative speed. Although lateral resistance (shear) may only be slightly better than similarly sized driven nails, wood screws offer greater withdrawal resistance. For example, a 20d (20 penny) common nail (0.192" diameter) has a withdrawal load design value of 42 lbs./in. of penetration in the side grain of wood having a specific gravity of 0.48 (such as Douglas Fir, South). In comparison, a #10 wood screw (0.190" diameter) has a withdrawal design value of 124 lbs./in. of thread penetration under the same conditions.Table 1 lists common wood screw types and styles.

Our wood screws are suitable for any occasion

Every year we provide distributors, supermarkets, specialty stores, and construction contractors from various countries with cheap and high-quality wood screws. Various screws sold, this includes:

  • construction
  • Internal office
  • manufacturing
  • floor
  • decoration
  • window frame
  • other

So no matter what kind of wood screws you need to buy in bulk, regardless of the style or quantity, Oukailuo can make it for you.

If the products listed above do not meet your needs. Send us your requirements at any time.

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